The Centre for Families Work & Well-being

is an innovative, interdisciplinary research and educational centre responding to dramatic changes in family patterns, paid work, and broader economic and political structures.

Faculty, staff and graduate students work on projects relevant to individual and family well-being, the interface between work and family, and contextual factors that affect workplace productivity and community supports. Research topics include organizational health, caregiving and work, father involvement, social support and community development.

The Centre's core strengths include strategic research, policy analysis and best practices development.

History of the Sexual and Gender Diversity Research Lab

One day in 2014,
while standing at the office printer, Amy Ellard-Gray and Thomas Sasso, two PhD
candidates in the Department of Psychology, started talking about their
research. In spite of having offices next to each other for years, this was the
first time they realized that both had deep research interests in sexual and
gender diversity.

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