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North Americans and Europeans Less Likely to Telecommute Than Workers from Emerging Markets
February 2, 2012
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A new poll of 11,383 online connected employees from 24 countries yielded some interesting results on the frequency of telecommuting in different parts of the world. Here are some highlights from the poll, which was conducted by global research company Ipsos for Reuters New.

• 17% of employees who can be connected online to their workplace report they ‘telecommute’ on a ‘frequent basis’ and 7% say they ‘work every day from home        

• Telecommuting is most common in emerging markets. Fifty-six percent of online-connected employees in Indian telecommute frequently, 34% in Indonesia, 30% in Mexico (30%), 29% in Argentina and 28% in South Africa 

• Frequent telecommuting is markedly less common in North America and Europe: Canada (8%), France (7%), Italy (7%), Sweden (6%), Germany (5%)

• Workers with high levels of education are most likely to telecommute on a frequent basis (25%) followed by those under the age of 35 (20%) and those with a high household income (20%)

• Women (16%) are slightly less likely to telecommute frequently than men (19%)