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The Interplay of Risk Factors Associated with Negative Outcomes among Family Caregivers

By: Donna Lero

A literature review on the interplay of risk factors was conducted through the use of government reports and academic studies published between 2000 and 2007 across a variety of disciplines.

Documents were selected to cover a number of circumstances of family caregiving:
• children and adult children with disabilities
• younger adults with severe/chronic illness
• individuals with mental health problems
• older adults

The study focused on outcomes and risk associated with caregiving.
• effects of caregiving for caregivers’health
• personal, economic and social well-being

Risk factors:
• characteristics of caregivers and care recipients
• caregiving demands
• situations associated with increased likelihood of negative effects on caregivers’social, health, and economic well being

This project was funded by: HRSDC Strategic Policy Research Directorate. Partners: University of Alberta Research on Aging, Policy and Practice (RAPP).