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Paternity Leave
June 18, 2015
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This year for Father’s Day, CFWW’s Dr. Donna Lero spent time reflecting on the changing role of fathers. Many fathers are beginning to take paternity leave along with their partners. The reasons for extending leaves to fathers are mainly due to: greater gender equality, the changing roles of men and women at home and in the workplace, and the desire of fathers to spend time with their children in a full-time capacity.

Dr. Donna Lero has been working collaboratively with Dr. Andrea Doucet (Brock University), Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay (University of Quebec-Teluq), and Lindsey McKay (Brock University) to review leave policies in Canada. View the fact sheet about paternity leave for more information about the current statistics on paternity leave and fathers' use of parental and paternity leave in Canada and Quebec.

May all you wonderful dads enjoy a Happy Father’s Day!