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  • Donna Lero

    This project was a partnership between the University of Guelph and the University of Alberta. The project involved a literature review of academic studies and government reports relevant to the understanding of risk factors and outcomes for family members who provide care for children with disabilities and chronic illnesses and family members who are elderly or who have mental illnesses. (Lero, Keating, Fast, Cook).

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  • Gillian Joseph

    This study explored the intersections of caregivers' practices and the practices of service organizations in the health, home and continuing care systems and highlighted the practices that directly link clients and their caregivers into policy processes. (Lero, Joseph) (Completed)

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  • Donna S. Lero

    The Episodic Caregiver Support Initiative (ECSI) was launched
    in the fall of 2013 as a year-long project designed to explore the needs
    of family/friend caregivers of individuals with episodic disability in
    Ontario. Episodic disabilities are long-term conditions such as MS,
    arthritis, HIV/AIDS, and certain mental health conditions that are
    characterized by fluctuating periods of wellness and incapacity that
    affect employment and the need for care and assistance from family
    members/close friends and professionals.

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  • Donna Lero, Janet Fast, Nora Spinks, Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay

    The purpose of this project was to obtain current
    Canadian information to assess the extent to which workplaces provide a
    variety of flexible work arrangements, leave policies, and information
    and supports that can enable employees to successfully combine paid
    employment and caregiving for adult or elder family members.

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