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Diary Methods for Examining Work and Personal Life Over Time

By: M. Gloria González-Morales


The objective of the proposed research is to examine the relations between work life and personal life over time in order to understand how change and time shape the dynamic interplay among the roles in our daily lives (worker, caregiver, friend, etc.)

We propose diary methods as a much needed methodology for examining these relations and overcoming the limitations of previous research. Diary methods involve data collection on a regular basis (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly diaries).

We can study questions like the following: Does negative mood at work increase over time? How does positive mood at home affect this trajectory? After a day of work in which positive events have happened (reported just before leaving work), are participants' moods at home (reported just before going to bed) higher? Does this relationship hold for people that are not work-centered?

In sum, we can capture the relation between work and life roles in a process context instead of the static picture we have been depicting with previous single-survey research.

We are looking for organizations that would like to collaborate with us and benefit from this research. Please contact by sending an email to Dr. Gonzalez-Morales