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Diary Methods for Examining Work and Personal Life Over Time

According to the National Study on Balancing Work, Family and Lifestyle in Canada over one in four of the participants reported that their work interfered with their home responsibilities; over fifty per cent of respondents reported high levels of perceived stress, burnout and depressed mood and a quarter of respondents were considering leaving their job. Given this context, we should be able to better inform employees and  organizations on how to manage a healthy work life. However, most of our empirical knowledge about the issue is based on surveys taken at one point in time that offer a static picture of the situation.

This project will involve the use of diary surveys, including surveying significant others and work colleagues. Data will be collected using several online surveys: baseline measure, daily surveys on weekdays during two weeks, weekly surveys during 8 weeks, and monthly surveys during three months. Significant others and colleagues will complete a very brief survey in correspondence to the focal participant daily, weekly and monthly surveys. The different time lags (days, weeks and months) will help examine how temporal relations evolve at different rhythms and different informants will provide a more accurate picture of each role.

We are looking for organizations that would like to collaborate with us and benefit from this research.  Participants will receive financial compensation for their time.

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