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Information for Employees and their Families

By: Gillian Joseph

A) On Stress:

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B) On Returning to Work after Stress Leave:

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Returning to work as a (former) target of workplace bullying. A campaign to support and inform the targets of workplace bullying.

C) Some Useful Links

Contacts for assistance and support if you are being bullied at work:

BullyBusters Group in Barrie, Ontario - contact 705-549-0010 or

No Bully For Me Group in Calgary, AB - contact

Bully Be Gone Group in Nova Scotia - contact Judy Robichaud -

No Bully For Me Group in B.C. - contact


Centre for Families, Work & Well-Being

Workmatters Occupational Therapy Consultants

Canadian Mental Health Association

No Bully For Me Campaign

MIND - UK Organization supporting employees with mental health issues in the workplace, and their employers.

Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation