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Caring at a Distance

By: Belinda Leach, Gillian Joseph and Susan Turner

Migration from rural to urban communities is a life-long process for a family involving complex and shifting decisions about migration, labour market activity, and care giving/receiving in which gender is a primary factor. Employed women caregivers who work in urban areas and provide care to rural elderly must manage to pull together what resources they can to ensure the adequate, appropriate and best possible care for an older person living at home or in a facility. The tensions during decision making processes that families undergo, especially regarding where the care recipient should live, have family repercussions that make visible the connections among the organization of policy, the practices of service organizations, and the effectiveness of urban-to-rural caregivers' work. This study conceptualizes and employs a unique policy lens, and explores the intersections of caregivers' practices and the practices of service organizations to shed light on policy practice in action.

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This project was funded by Status of Women Canada.