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Rural Women Making Change

By: Susan Turner

Rural Women Making Change (RWMC) is a Community University Research Alliance (CURA) funded in 2005 by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. The five year program supports rural women's projects for change in many settings of their living and working. RWMC researchers include women working in the National Farmers' Union Women's Committee (Saskatoon), Canadian Auto Workers Local 88 Women's Committee (Ingersoll), Women Today of Huron (Goderich), the Women's Employment Resources Centre (Woodstock), academics at five Canadian universities and women working in policy processes in different areas of government.

Eight research teams are engaging partners and collaborators in three areas:

  • Rural women's organizations as intermediaries:  Linking rural women's everyday issues to the web of institutions and policies that directly and indirectly affect their work and the lives of rural women.


  • Rural women's and girls' everyday experience: In their everyday living and working rural women and girls experience difficulties with jobs and opportunities, un- and underemployment, education and training, transportation, and a variety of governing and corporate business practices that affect them.


  • Gender and rural policy in trans-local arenas: Policies and ways of representing and analyzing rural issues often fail to grasp just how policies and implementation practices operate, and as a result fail to identify how to change policies and procedures so that they recognize and support women. We aim to address issues of gender and rural policy across local, provincial, national and international levels.

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