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By: Amy Ellard-Gray, MA, PhD Candidate, Applied Social Psychology Thomas Sasso, MA, PhD Candidate, Industrial and Organizational Psychology

In & Out: Diverging Perspectives on LGBT Inclusion in the Workplace

In collaboration with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion and Pride at Work Canada, the Sexual and Gender Diversity Research Lab's Thomas Sasso and Amy Ellard-Gray authored a report on the experiences of minority sexual orientation and gender identity employees across campus. This national report utilized quantitative and qualitative questions tackling topics including: inclusive workplace practices, disclosure in the workplace, experiences of discrimination, and recommendations for improving workplaces for LGBTQ+ populations.

Inclusive Education Campus Report

Following reports from some students on the University of Guelph campus that they felt that educational content could benefit from greater emphasis on diversity and inclusion, the Sexual and Gender Diversity Research Lab undertook promoting inclusive education as top priority. The Lab hosted a meeting on the University of Guelph campus with representatives from various stakeholders on campus and identified numerous tasks to move forward with advancing inclusivity on campus.

Under the leadership of Amy Ellard-Gray a qualitative study was conducted to explore the experiences of students and faculty in relation to inclusivity and diversity in education. The report is currently being compiled for distribution.

Relationship Crafting

This new area of research explores the gaps within the existing work-family conflict and work-family guilt literatures by using qualitative interviews to examine how relationships are built to support work and family goals in dual-earner households. Specifically, for successful working women, how they have "crafted" their relationships to support their own personal goals and achievements. This line of research will eventually be extended to use across relationship contexts, including non-heteronormative couples, and relationships where both partners are career-oriented. Grace Ewles, Rebecca Lee, and Amy Ellard-Gray are leading this project.

LGBTQ+ People of Colour in the Workplace

Although research has been starting to focus more on the experiences of sexual orientation and gender minorities in workplaces, this research has often failed to incorporate an intersectional lens with consideration to racial identity. Interviews will be conducted with LGBTQ+ people of colour to explore their lived experiences. Thomas Sasso and Dr. M. Gloria Gonzalez Morales currently head this project.

Positive Experiences of LGBTQ+ Employees

In spite of ample evidence that indicates that LGBTQ+ individuals may experience discrimination, harassment, and prejudice in their workplaces, little evidence has approached the work experiences of this population from a positive lens. Do LGBTQ+ individuals attribute any positive experiences in the workplace as a result of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity? Do LGBTQ+ employees experience any positive distinctiveness as a result of their unique identity? Dr. Nicholas Salter (Ramapo College of New Jersey) and the Sexual and Gender Diversity Research Lab's Thomas Sasso and Lindsay Labonte are currently exploring these questions.