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  • Dr. Lynda Ashbourne and Dr. Mohammed Baobaid

    2014 is the 20th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family –
    a good time to take stock of what families need, what we are doing
    well, and what we can do better so that all of us benefit. Join us this
    year for the International Year of the Family Speaker Series, sponsored
    by the University of Guelph's College of Social and Applied Human
    Sciences. On April 15th, Dr. Lynda Ashbourne and Dr. Mohammed Baobaid presented a talk on "Supporting Muslim Immigrant Families: Partnering with Service Providers and Diverse Communities." 

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  • Donna S. Lero, Ph.D., University of Guelph & Nora Spinks, President of Work-Life Harmony Enterprises

    Discover how employers are supporting caregivers, reducing stress at home and work, addressing the multiple challenges associated with caregiving and work. Learn more and participate in the survey.

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  • Centre for Families, Work and Well-Being

    The Decade Report: Making Change, chronicles the diverse body of work undertaken by the Centre for Work Families and Well-Being since its inception in 1998.

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  • Jennifer Rooney, Donna Lero, Karen Korabik, Denise Whitehead

    This study examined challenges to financial security faced by self-employed women when their earnings are interrupted after childbirth/adoption or for personal or family health reasons. Policy mechanisms that could promote greater economic security for self-employed women were identified. (Completed)

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  • Donna Lero, Mike Hoy, Trudy Smit Quosai, Trica van Rhijn and Leo Keating.

    Research project designed to look at barriers, supports and challenges of combining post-secondary education with parenthood. (In progress)

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  • Carolyn Pletsch

    Precarious organizations within this context refer to two categories of organizations; 1) Not for Profit Organizations engaged for the most part in community benefit activities and 2) small and medium sized business. These organizations and the people who depend on them for livelihoods and services are at risk. Organizational risk varies up to and including dissolution, where as human risk would include such issues as loss of livelihood and stress.

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  • M. Gloria González-Morales

    The objective of the proposed research is to examine the relations between work life and personal life over time in order to understand how change and time shape the dynamic interplay among the roles in our daily lives (worker, caregiver, friend, etc.)

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  • Margo Hillbrecht

    This study of 2066 parents examined whether or not existing Canadian vacation legislation is adequate in the current era.

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  • Donna Lero, Andrea Doucet, Dianne-Gabrielle Tremblay

    CFWW's Donna Lero co-authored the Canadian entry in the 2013 International Review of Leave Policies and Research.

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