Research Affiliates and Collaborators at Other Institutions

Andrea Doucet Sociology & Anthropology, Carleton University

Dorothy Smith OISE, University of Victoria

Marie Campbell, Faculty of Human & Social Development, University of Victoria

Leah Vosko, Political Science, York University

Bev Leipert, Faculty of Health Sciences, Western

Ruby Heap, History, University of Ottawa

Ted McNeill, Hospital for Sick Children/University of Toronto

Zenaida Ravanera, Population Studies, University of Western Ontario

Annie Devault, Travail social, Universite du Quebec a Outaouais

David Este, Social Work, University of Calgary

Jessica Ball, Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria

Michael Pratt, Psychology, Wilfred Laurier University

Cecilia Moloney, NSERC/Petro-Canada Chair for WISE, Memorial University Caroline Baillie, Applied Science, Queen’s University

Edward Kruk, Social Work and Family Studies, University of British Columbia

Hiromi Matsui, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Simon Fraser University

Anne Condon, NSERC/GM Chair for WISE, University of British Columbia

Margaret-Ann Armour, Faculty of Science, University of Alberta

Julita Vassileva, NSERC/Cameco Chair for WISE, University of Saskatchewan

Elizabeth Weckman, Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo

Roya Ayman, Institute of Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology

Ujvala Rajadhysaka, Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Tripti Desai, Department of Management, Institute for Integrated Learning in Management

Zeynap Aycan, Department of Psychology, Koc University

Leslie Hammer, Department of Psychology, Portland State University

Ting-Pang Huang, Department of Business Administration, Soochow University

Anat Drach-Zahavy, Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Studies, University of Haifa

Anit Somech, Faculty of Education, University of Haifa

Steven Poelmans, IESE Business School, University of Navarra

Artwiawati Mawardi, Faculty of Psychology, University of Surabaya

Anne Bardoel, Monash University Australia


Diary Methods for Examing Work and Personal Life Over Time

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  • Friday, September 4

    Workers Need Support or Challenges Become Obstacles: Study

    Workplace challenges can help employees excel and learn. But without the right support and resources, some challenges may harm performance and even affect employee health, according to a new study by Professor M. Gloria González Morales from the University of Guelph. read more...

  • Thursday, June 18

    Paternity Leave

    This year for Father’s Day, CFWW’s Dr. Donna Lero spent time reflecting on the changing role of fathers. Many fathers are beginning to take paternity leave along with their partners. The reasons for extending leaves to fathers are mainly due to: greater gender equality, the changing roles of men and women at home and in the workplace, and the desire of fathers to spend time with their children in a full-time capacity. read more...

  • Friday, May 8

    Mothering and DisAbility

    Mothers have much in common. They share the joys and challenges of raising children, and love being appreciated for their efforts, not just on Mother's Day. However, mothers are also as diverse as we can imagine - younger or older, parenting alone or with a partner, employed or not, and from all races, cultures, backgrounds, and family structures (adoptive, blended, nuclear, etc.). We sometimes forget that some mothers also live with a disability or chronic health condition that can make mothering no less rewarding, but even more challenging. read more...

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