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One Hundred and Fifty Canadian Statistics on Work and Family Well-Being

By: Donna Lero

In 1994, Donna Lero worked with Karen Johnson, of Human Resources Development Canada's Women's Bureau, to develop 110 Canadian Statistics on Work and Family, a ground-breaking publication funded by the now defunct Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women.

At that time, Statistics Canada had just begun to investigate issues such as non-standard work schedules and time-use in dual earner couples, and a number of researchers had just completed large-scale surveys on topics such as work-family stress, child care and eldercare. Findings from these studies were still being distributed in paper form and were taking some to be disseminated and absorbed into mainstream consciousness. 110 Canadian Statistics on Work and Family was designed to increase the rate at which this information was shared and to heighten awareness of research findings on work-family toics that were emerging fro a divers range of sources.

Seven years later, that publication was followed by: Work Life Compendium 2001. 150 Canadian Statistics on Work, Family and Well-being. Currently, Donna Lero is working with Gillian Joseph and Trudy Smit-Quonsai to plan and create the third version.

For more information contact: Donna Lero